Vision Pro

On Monday Apple released its long rumored VR headset, Vision Pro. I’ve been busy with work and haven’t had a chance to watch the whole demo video yet but I did quite enjoy this review by John Gruber on Daring Fireball:

It was a very fast 30 minutes, and the experience was, in a word, immersive. I’d pay good money just to run through the exact same 30 minutes again.

It was nowhere near enough time, nor was I able to wander far off the rails of the prepared demos. It’s very clear that the OS and apps are far from finished. But even given the brevity of the demo and constraints of the current state of the software, there are a few things I feel confident about describing.

First: the overall technology is extraordinary, and far better than I expected. And like my friend and Dithering co-host Ben Thompson, my expectations were high. Apple exceeded them. Vision Pro and VisionOS feel like they’ve been pulled forward in time from the future. I haven’t had that feeling about a new product since the original iPhone in 2007. There are several aspects of the experience that felt impossible.

It’s obviously out of my price range but if nothing else, I’m going to be looking for an opportunity to try one out when they are released next year.