Stairway to Heaven Backwards

I posted a link to my Stairway to Heaven Backwards page and got what I consider to be a pretty uninformed comment from someone by the nick “steal my handle”.

Here is what he/she has to say:

“too bad thats fake if you listen to the song backwards it dosent really say that, this guy just chopped up syllables to make it say that! and the beat wouldnt sound like that either! and why do you think he has it in flash? so you cant download it and reverse it!”

The fact of the matter is that I really did download Stairway to Heaven, then found the particular section of the song shown on the page, reversed it and got the reverse message as you hear it. I left the instructions right on the page explaining how to do it, but just remember if you are to do this yourself, don’t use the live version because I originally tried it with the live version and it didn’t work. I’ve been thinking that maybe I should put up an MP3 of the short forward clip so that people can test it for themselves. But not right now because the car is running (it’s -35 out and I’m keeping it warm) and we are off to a party.

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