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Anna and I each have 3 gmail invitations. I don’t know who to give mine to. I have perused the pages, I’d still rather give it to someone I know — or at least someone who asked me specifically. I know my Dad and brother also have gmail accounts and for sure my dad does not have anyone to give his 3 invites to. I think the way Google is going about letting the users decide who gets to join is the coolest thing ever. Please leave your comments below with a return address and an explanation as to why I should give you a Gmail invitation.

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Hey man, I'm from England, the name is Simon and I think Canada is the coolest country in the universe (and I'm NOT just saying that to win points). You should pick me because I look at your site every day, it is the only Blog I find interesting.
You should also pick me because I have never won ANYTHING before in my life and would just once like to think I have 'beat the competition' per se.

Well, whether you pick me or not, Keep up the good work with the blog man.


Hey man…

The name is Mitch.

Just now discovered your blog so i guess that wouldn't be the reason to give it to me. In fact..I don't even know who you are except you made that awesome flash about reverse songs right? That's tight..I hope to here some more.

I guess I really don't deserve the GMail at all…I just..want it? haha so yea..Give it to whoever you want..I'm sure somebody out there could use it more than me but heh -_- oh well.

Return E-Mail:

I'm not going to Lie I want a gmail account but I won't lie for it.
Unlike "I think canada is the coolest country in the world" above me -loser. Everyone knows Ireland is the coolest country in the world And in return for invite i will make you an honary irish citizen for one day and teach you irish swear words and tell you your name in irish

ahem, I really do think Canada is the coolest country in the world. They are so down to earth and their policies on healthcare and things are cool. Oh and Ice hockey rules :D Proves how smart the irish really are.

hey jeff,

ive been using a lot of different services that have came and gone. i starterd with .Mac two years back which was great, but now im using yahoo mail.

yahoo mail, by no means whatsoever is a bad service; but it would be an incredibly useful feature to not only be able to recieve relatively large attachments (as i did with .Mac), but also be able to sift and search through the many emails i get day to day – be them from teachers, my parents, friends, cell phones, etcetera.

in addition, it seems that gmail is quite promising, and seems like it would be a stable service for years to come.

though comments serving to you probably just sound corny, and only play to your vanity, i do in fact read your blog about every other day. i feel like im always learning something from you. i currently reside in southern california, in san diego. its pretty nice here.

i personally dont have no real opinions about canada, though it seems like a great place – and i theres currently this girl that is really cool that i like that used to live in quebec. i also have some family that recently moved to the toronto area, and i really look forward to visiting.

when it comes to mind, actually, my first taste ever of canada was when i was a little kid, and i saw that movie "Fly Away Home". the scenery in the movie really gave me a feel for some of the beautiful lands in canada. i am quite lucky to live in san diego, and really, i think you are lucky to live in canada.

nonetheless, gmail would pose some use for me — but it is all good really; i dont really need it. and in fact you could probably make some cash or simply trade it for more than a couple words from a guy in san diego. life will move on :).

all the best, keep up the blog.

aryeh hillman
san diego, california
current email:

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