Gmail Stopped Working – Stuck on Loading…

Just as I was preparing to hand out a bunch of Gmail accounts to the random people posting comments asking for them, I found I could no longer log into Gmail on this computer. Anna’s tablet PC let me log right in, but I could only get as far as the loading page on this computer.

Being the computer technician that I used to be (I used to work at a computer store) I figured that the problem had to be software and that it was a scripting problem, in addition to the page just saying “loading…” there was that handy dandy broken script icon at the bottom of the page. So I went to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer page and reinstalled my copy of IE 6.

Miraculously I can now log back into Gmail, and I will be awarding the free accounts today. I expect that next time I have free accounts to give out more people will comment on why they deserve it – and I’ll happily give them out again!

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Hey Jeff,

My name is Jack. Anyways I regularly check out your blog and the brill links that you post on the sidebar. If you have any g-mail invites left I would appreciate it if you gave me one obviously. I don't have any real reason for having one although I have been looking for one for a while on although I don't have anything to trade with really on there because I am only in school still. Anyways my email address is Thanks anyways and fair play on managing to keep up a blog for so long.

Oh yes one last thing… 'Pog mo thoin' means kiss my ass in irish if you really need to know since the some one of the other guys was offering irish curses as payment

hey, i had the same problem — though i have a mac.

the underlying reasons could be entirely different, but i was able to fix the loading problem by deleting my cache. re-installing internet explorer would most likely delete all of your cache; though the script error seems to perhaps point to a different problem.

I tried deleting my "Temporary Internet Files" (a.k.a. the Cache) as a first step but it didn't help. The reinstall did the trick though. Thanks for pointing that out though in case someone else is able to solve their similar problem without reinstalling.

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