My 15 Minutes of Fame

I woke up pretty early this morning when a radio station from Illinois called me at 6:25am to ask if I’d do an interview on the air this morning. All the attention has been great!

Other than the Illinois radio interview, today I’m going to be on Global, City TV, and CTV Lethbridge. Yesterday I was interviewed live on an ABC News radio affiliate in Seattle, and pre-recorded for The Michael Smerconish Program on 1210AM WPHT in Philadelphia…a 50,000 Watt CBS Affiliate (I’m told 50,000 Watts is huge). I was also interviewed live on the CBC’s Wild Rose Country with Donna McElligott.

The newspapers that interviewed me include the Lethbridge Herald, the Calgary Herald, and the Ottawa Citizen. I understand the Medicine Hat News, The Arizona Republic, and the Globe & Mail might also be running stories related to my site.

Who knows I may even get more calls today.

See my backmasking page.

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CJAY92 basically ripped off the content of your backmasking portion of your website this morning at around 7:05am, but they didn’t give you any cred.

Hey Jeff, just read the WSJ article. Have you ever played the tv theme song to “Mr. Ed” backwards?
If you do, please let me know what you hear…..thanks….Don

Years ago, I remember listening to the Rolling Stones’ Tatoo You backwards. On the song “Slave,” the lyrics are:

Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it
Don’t wanna be your slave

Listened to backwards, the “do it” parts sound like “heroin.” Considering Keith Richard’s struggles, I’ve always wondered if they wrote that purposfully.

about the bands that used backmasking, remeber “black oak arkansa”. They learn to sing the lyrics backwards just for that reson.

The tech should be available with speech synthesis and recognition software now to go thru the dictionary and find a fairly complete set of phonemes that backward mask into “bad words”.

Think of it, sitting down with a parental ratings board and having them say, “Sorry, if you use the word ‘dandelion’ you’ll have to have ‘PG13? rating on your song, because its on ‘the list’ as back-meaning ’smurf your mom’.”

Silly? Yes. But not really to far fetched, hmm?

– Krin

Listen to Queen again– I was always told it said “START TO SMOKE” Marijuana. This was the first song I ever spun backwards after my chruch told me about this.. I have to say I love the way Eminem did it.. gotta give the guy credit!

Heard your edits on the Mark and Brian show today. They gave you full credits and played a few songs forward and backward.

Today is my first day on this web-site. Your fame will be sustained longer than you think. (That sounded almost fortune cookie-ish, huh.) I found my way to “My Story” as well as “How to Care for your Introvert” and how emotional and physical pain are closely connected. I’m really glad you blog the things you do because now I feel l know you somewhat and that you are one of The Greats.

Saw you on CTV and went to the web site, your work is very interesting and gives us all something to think about. Thanks for all your efforts

Try the song ‘Snow Blind’ by styx from Paradise Theater. The message is, “oh satan, move with our voices” I once stumbled on a song by Madonna, “justifie my love” I believed it said “I love satan, do you?” Jefferson Airplane or StarShip have a song A child is coming I think that’s what it’s called. When you play it backwards ist saids who the son is. It’s saying “son of satan” “Number of the beast” by Iron Maden backwards saids it only once “We will worship” Just a few others for you to think about. Try them out.

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