Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation

Back in 1982 a group of three kids from Mississippi began a project to recreate, shot-for-shot, Stephen Spielberg’s classic, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. They were 12 years old when they started. It took them a little over six years to finish it, and while that alone is noteworthy, their story is now being considered to be turned into amovie with a screenplay by Dan Clowes of “Ghost World” fame. He talks about it near the end of a recent Wired News article.

The picture itself has become somewhat of an underground hit, garnering a lot of attention lately from the mainstream media. The three creators, known as the Indy guys, are now taking their show on the road. There isn’t a whole lot of the remake footage in it, but if you feel compelled, check out the trailer.

(via Pete’s Linklog)

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