A Creative Advertising Idea

A new kind of interactive advertising allows consumers to plug their headphones into posters to get a short music sample. So if you’re mp3 playlist doesn’t happen to be doing it for you, you can check out what’s playing on the nearby posters. Right now they are promoting their Pepsi Access website. Seems like there is a lot of potential here—taking it one step further it would be a creative and extremely clever idea if the advertising firm teamed up with Apple and had an interface that you could, “park” your iPod on and download movie trailers, tv ads, or other advertising media that geeky consumers won’t be able to resist.

Pepsi Access poster with MP3 Player

BBDO created a subway poster that has a fully functional headphone jack imbedded in it, which plays samples of various exclusive tracks available at There are close to 100 posters playing 12 different tracks running in Toronto and Vancouver from now until the end of summer.

Coke Goal advertisement

Pepsi’s got the right idea here. It seems to me to be a lot smarter than the Coke ads that continually scream “GOAAAAAAAAAAL” in celebration of the World Cup. I haven’t actually heard one of these myself but World Cup fan or not, it seems like it would get irritating pretty quickly.


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