Modern Day Robin Hood

A modern day Robin Hood was giving out free money and almost causing riots in New York. They claim it’s all in the name of making people feel good.

From the BBC story:

Three Britons dressed as Robin Hood and his Merry Men caused a small stampede in a park in New York after throwing $4,000 (£2,110) into the air.

The pranksters—from Sheffield in England—said they hoped their stunt would encourage New Yorkers to be more polite and “give something back”.

However, the plan reportedly back-fired after passers-by pushed and pulled at each other to grab the free cash.
The men who called themselves the Modern Day Robin Hoods, threw the $4,000, made up of $1, $5,$10 and $20 notes, into the air, sparking the frenzy. Even children were reportedly stepped on, although no-one was seriously hurt.