Lego Brick House

I remember one Christmas being certain that I wanted the basic lego set that I saw advertised so that I could build a giant house out of Lego. My older brother, typically, knew better and asked for Space Lego.

Luckily after a short while all the lego got mixed together and I could leave the giant multicoloured lego blocks for the more esthetically pleasing whites, greys, and blues required for intergallactic travel.

Not everyone has given up on the basic blocks:

One man is building the dream, or at least wild fantasy, of many children. James May, a toy fanatic, is constructing a two-story house out of LEGO bricks. He’s using 3 million bricks constructed out of 272 LEGO pieces each. As an added bonus, the house is located in a beautiful vineyard.

Check it out.

Lego Brick House

Update: Geek Sugar has a more comprehensive gallery of the place, taken in various stages as it’s being built.

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I think that for this one line you should probably bold it and use the blink tag.

“My older brother, typically, knew better”

Ps. I hope the way back machine has already crawled this post.

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