Lego Brick House

I remember one Christmas being certain that I wanted the basic lego set that I saw advertised so that I could build a giant house out of Lego. My older brother, typically, knew better and asked for Space Lego.

Luckily after a short while all the lego got mixed together and I could leave the giant multicoloured lego blocks for the more esthetically pleasing whites, greys, and blues required for intergallactic travel.

Not everyone has given up on the basic blocks:

One man is building the dream, or at least wild fantasy, of many children. James May, a toy fanatic, is constructing a two-story house out of LEGO bricks. He’s using 3 million bricks constructed out of 272 LEGO pieces each. As an added bonus, the house is located in a beautiful vineyard.

Check it out.

Lego Brick House

Update: Geek Sugar has a more comprehensive gallery of the place, taken in various stages as it’s being built.


Path 911—"Super funny children’s toys"

Path 911

My friends, Andy and Shannon, picked up this crazy set of Osama Bin Laden and George W. Bush (with some kind of train and tracks) in a market in Morocco. We all agreed Dubya looks a lot like Charlie Sheen.