Missed Connection

Feeling tired after a long day at school, I walk toward the setting sun. I must run to catch the pedestrian light and I jump to safety just as the countdown reaches zero.

I walk another block to my forlorn vehicle. Everyone else picked up their cars hours ago. I feel anxious to get home. I roll down my window to let some of the hot air out of the Jeep and I’m on my way.

I glance at the oncoming traffic and see my opening. I quickly make my right hand turn, rushing out to catch another green light just down the block.

That’s when I notice you. Your blonde hair is glistening in the setting sun. My gaze immediately settles on your bright blue eyes. You are riding toward the setting sun. You are beautiful, but you look like you’re about to die.

My wheels scream as I slam on the brakes. Your jaw drops and you stare at me like I’ve done something wrong. I wonder what that could possibly be.

“Why are you riding your bike on the wrong side of the road?” I yell out the window.

You don’t respond. Instead, you quickly peddle away. I wonder if you’ll opt for the safety of the sidewalk, but no, you are incorrigible that way. I watch my rear view mirror as you continue to slip past oncoming traffic and out of my life. You are someone else’s problem now.

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