Third Annual Zombie Walk

Lethbridge is having its 3rd Annual Zombie Walk tomorrow at Galt Gardens at ~6pm.

We’ll meet up at Galt Gardens, like we’ve done before,
at 5:30, once gathered we’ll wait until 6 or shortly after 6 for all you stragglers!

Let me reiterate what’s been posted on the wall, you can be any age to participate in the walk and we encourage you under 18 zombie freaks to come out!. It’s only the concert at the Slice afterwards that’s 18+.

The Brains are once again gonna be providing us with entertainment afterwards at the Slice. There is no better band for the occasion! There will be a cover charge of $10 which is more than reasonable for The Brains alone. but we’re lucky zombies this year because we even get our very own Phantom Creeps this year!

Let’s make this one HUGE, tell your friends, tell them to tell their friends.. The Undead will once again wander the streets!

Update: CityTV called me a couple of years ago and I pointed them in the direction of the Zombie Walk. They covered it this year.

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