Why You Shouldn’t Talk

I enjoyed this lecture by a professor from Regent Law school in Virginia talking about the 5th Amendment and why it is a bad idea to talk to the police even when you’ve done nothing wrong.

Don’t Talk to Police | YouTube


Robert Tourtelot: A Real Live Denny Crane

Viewers of the popular David E. Kelley show Boston Legal will be familiar with the outrageous behavior of William Shatner’s character Denny Crane. What they may not be familiar with, is the real life version of Denny, Mr. Robert Tourtelot, a “jack of all trades” lawyer from Southern California.

Recently Tourtelot contacted Travis Corcoran, owner of the How-To DVD rental service, “Smart-Flix”, and accused him of breaking the law. When Corcoran questioned lawyer Tourtelot on which law, exactly, he had broken, Tourlelot responded, that it wasn’t his job to educate Corcoran and that he should get his own attorney for that.

Shortly thereafter, the story gets VERY interesting, with Tourtelot doing everything from short-jokes and name calling, to challenging Corcoran to a fight and even threatening to call in the FBI.

[Tourtelot:] Dear Mr. Corcoran: I am in receipt of your e-mail to my client, Mr. XXX. I note your comments about me. I have a proposition for you. I will pay your way to California if you will agree to come and meet me in a gym, the address of which the limo driver who meets your flight will have.

Oh yes, the deal only includes a one-way ticket, as I do not believe you will be needing the return portion! Ciao, and have a good day. RHT

[Corcoran:] Are you proposing a boxing or MMA match?

I accept. I’ll pay my own way back, of course.

Any weekend in June works for me.

Please mail the airline ticket (departing from Logan Airport, in Boston) to the address I previously supplied.

I look forward to our bout (I usually do heavy bag work in my training sessions, but I’ll make sure to add some speed bag work to the mix over the next few weeks).

Shall we specify the same $1,000 wager that you suggested to Mr. XXX in your bet about my height?

[Tourtelot:] Plain and simple, pal. A street fight.! By the way, do you have a Black Belt also?

[Corcoran:] Please send the plane ticket.

If the Boston Legal writers happen upon this story, they should totally write it into their script because I can totally imagine Denny Crane doing all of this.

For comedy relief, check out The Robert Tourtelot saga.