Kottke’s Choppke’s

Jason’s fake restaurant idea made me laugh.

A couple of years ago, frustrated by a takeout Italian sandwich with unevenly distributed fillings, I had a wonderful, life-changing idea: chopped sandwiches. It’s like what you get at those chopped salad places but instead of chopping up all the ingredients and putting them into a bowl, you put them between two slices of bread or in a hoagie roll or whatever. That way, you get all of the elements of the sandwich — cheese, tomato, lettuce, dressing/mayo, onion, whatever — in every single bite. Yum.

It also made me hungry.

bad review revue

The Bad Review Revue

Madame Web: “The real culprit here is the greed manifested by studio suits who keep hawking cheap knockoffs. ‘Madame Web’ feels like a random collection of half-baked ideas thrown into the air and allowed to land, with the cynical assumption that we’ll buy any lazy hack-work that is Spider-Man adjacent. Kill me now.” — Peter Travers, ABC News

Bob Marley: One Love: “If you’ve never heard of Bob Marley before watching the picture, you might know even less about him when the end credits roll.” — Brian Orndorf,

Lisa Frankenstein: “Overall, Lisa Frankenstein remains a lifeless genre effort needing a spark of electricity.” — Eric Marchen, Rogers TV

Land of Bad: “Despite solid and brutal action throughout, the longer this goes on, the storytelling choices put one in a land of confusion” — Robert Kojder, Flickering Myth

Players: “Director Trish Sie’s middling and at times mawkish film not only makes us hate the game, but also its players.” — Courtney Howard, Variety

humor video

Jon Stewart Returns to TDS

Last night Jon Stewart returned as temporary Monday host of The Daily Show. After creative differences with the executives at Apple Tv+ concerning Stewart’s material ending the show before its third season, the polically minded comedian has returned to Comedy Central to host once a week leading up to the election.

Here’s his first episode back:


The Jenkins

The Jenkins” comic strip originally centred around three brothers — Barney, Butch and Junior Jenkins — living in their parents’ basement but it’s also just absurd. Here are a some gems:

See more at

bad review revue

The Bad Review Revue

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: “What we have is 124 minutes of fish vomit. Fish vomiting is rare, so when it happens, it’s an indication of a fatal condition and time for little Chips to visit SeaWorld by way of the nearest commode.” — MontiLee Stormer,

Anyone But You: “Anyone But You updates Shakespeare’s classic romance, Much Ado About Nothing, to a brainless romp with fleeting nudity and F-bombs galore. Thankfully, there’s ample chemistry between the gorgeous leads to facilitate the requisite happy ending.” — Julian Roman, MovieWeb

Freud’s Last Session: “Freud’s Last Session is an appointment you can skip.” — Joey Magidson, Awards Radar

Rebel Moon: Part One – A Child of Fire: “Take a Star Wars movie, remove the sense of humor and adventurous fun, and you might have something that looks like the Netflix space opus, ‘Rebel Moon.'” — Russ Simmons, KKFI-FM (Kansas City)

The Boys in the Boat: “The appeal of lads propelled forward through laborious craft is obvious, but The Boys in the Boat fails to do more than skim the surface both literally and metaphorically.” — Jay Horton, Willamette Week

humor life

Reason for the Season

My son was watching some iteration of a Mickey Mouse holiday special this morning and deciphering the message of the episode declared:

“Mom, it’s just like the book we read. Christmas is not about candy canes!”

“That’s right! What is it about?”

Without missing a beat he confidently declared, “Christmas is about presents!”

Art humor

Jeff Bezos Rowing Boat

Bobby fingers is back with another unhinged installment, this time opting for supersize scale.

humor news

Loo & Order: Stolen Thrones Unit

Yesterday, 35 porta potty toilets, some of them full, were stolen from Ludlow Autograss Club (racetrack) in Pencombe, Herefordshire.

Maisie Olah and Matt Hutchinson writing for the BBC:

The units are owned by Three Counties Toilet Hire which said replacing just one would cost about £1,000.

Neil Griffiths who set up the company in 2020 said: “I’m slightly baffled by it.

“The [toilets are] not easy to move about and some of them were still full. So [the thieves] took full toilets.”

Police don’t know who took them and they have nothing to go on.

Art humor

Old Hard Drive Images

The other day, while looking through an old hard drive of mine, I found a folder called “Random Internet Fun”, which was full of random comics and animated gifs that I suppose I collected over the years. I’ll post them here for posterity…

bad review revue

The Bad Review Revue

The Expend4bles: “‘The Disposables’ would describe it better.” — Brian Lowry,

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3: “This awkward threequel is one wedding you’ll wish you didn’t RSVP to.” — Fay Watson, Total Film

Retribution: “The only jaw-dropping this thriller induces is yawning.” — M.N. Miller, Hidden Remote

Sound of Freedom: “It’s bizarre, unsettling and yet – in the filmmaking equivalent of turning wine to water – bracingly dull to boot.” — Ed Power, Daily Telegraph (UK)

Golda: “It’s not that insightful into who she was… Generally, it’s just a history of the Yom Kippur War, and it assumes you know a whole lot about it already.” — Andy Klein, FilmWeek (KPCC – NPR Los Angeles)

Meg 2: The Trench: “It’s a relief, after almost two hours of this silliness, to come up for air.” — Brian Viner, Daily Mail (UK)