Transformers: The Movie

Transformers Movie

In the tradition of making movies out of Saturday Morning Cartoons from the 80’s, some folks in Hollywood are producing a feature length live-action Transformers Movie (flash site with teaser).

I haven’t actually decided whether or not I’m going to see this movie, but I’m posting this here because hearing the transforming sounds and seeing my childhood imagination being transformed into reality brought on some great memories and if nothing else, I think we could all use a little science-fiction nostalgia to brighten our day.

Movie Review: “La Grande séduction”

Last night I enjoyed watching “La Grande séduction” with my friend—Amber L., (whom is coincidentally from Lethbridge and even works as a lifeguard at my old pool, but whom I only met recently on my trip to Québec).

The movie was great. It’s about a tiny fishing village on a small island in Québec where almost all of the residents are on welfare. When a much-needed boost, in the form of a new factory, is promised, providing they can secure a full-time Dr. into taking residence there, the mayor starts a massive recruiting project. The main problem being, the microscopic island doesn’t really have much to offer—so the villagers scheme together to make their little village a tiny piece of heaven for their potential MD, Dr. Lewis by creating an elaborate façade of how wonderful the place is. They even go so far as to tap his phone to “understand him better”; hilarity ensues.

Though it’s actually a French movie, we wimped out and watched it with English subtitles, because the two of us weren’t that confidant in our French skills, but I’d totally watch it again only in French this time. But despite the fact that it’s not in English, I highly recommend it. You might need to look for it under its English name, “Seducing Dr. Lewis”. (Personally I like the French title better). So go out and get it, I promise you won’t regret it.

The Superman Story

If you’ve got 20 minutes to kill, check out this Kevin Smith clip as he shares his interesting and very funny experiences rewriting the new Superman movie. Previous Superman story post, but Kevin tells it best. (Oh and by way of warning, if you’re not familiar with Kevin Smith you might want to know he’s infamous for his colourful language).

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube]

This clip is from a double DVD entitled “An Evening with Kevin Smith.”

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Last night, just as something fill the evening, we decided to take in a movie. There didn’t seem to be anything that jumped out at me, but then Drew started tossing the idea around about going to see Munich.

At first I was slightly sceptical, just because I didn’t want to go through the gory details of the 1972 terrorist massacre of 11 Israeli Olympic athletes. But what I didn’t know is that while the terrorist attack is a key part of the film, the story is really about the people that go after those involved and bring them to justice one-by-one, and really it’s about so much more than that, but I won’t go into too many details.

It’s such a powerful and memorable movie—in my opinion (for what it’s worth) Munich is Stephen Spielberg’s most gripping film (aside from, of course, Schindler’s List). I’m not usually much for action films, but when it comes to political thrillers like this one, I can’t put a strong enough recommendation on it. In my opinion, this is a must see for everyone old enough to understand the mature content.

Jeff Milner Movie Review: Dodgeball: A TRUE underdog story

Watching actors take rubber balls, wrenches, and other miscellaneous objects in the face can make for a very entertaining evening. Dodgeball (Apple Trailer | Rotten Tomatoes) opened last Friday and Anna-Maria, her brother Josh, and I took in the comedy at the newly remodeled Galaxy Theatres here in Lethbridge.

Dodgeball does aim low, but it certainly hit the mark with me. There is something about its unapologetically rooting for the über-nerds that make Dodgeball the feel-good, if lowbrow, movie of the year. I should mention that I found Ben Stiller’s performance a little much – ok a lot much at times. His sexual obsession with food crosses the line. Nevertheless the writers are aware that it’s not that great of a movie, but periodically they take advantage of that fact. If you found the advertisement amusing, and like seeing grown-ups repeatedly take real shots to the head from big red rubber balls then I’m thinking you’re probably going to like Dodgeball. I loved it.

Jeff Milner Movie Review – Bowling for Columbine

Anna and I went to see Bowling for Columbine on Saturday. I just loved it. edit:well it was entertaining, perhaps not as honest with the way it was presenting the facts at times. It was a great documentary about violence in America.

Today Anna purchased the special edition Lord of the Rings. We are watching it right now, even though I have homework due tomorrow. You know, sometimes an English paper just needs to wait. Well Anna is back from talking on the phone, so I’m going back to the show.