Jeff Milner’s Free Gmail Account Giveaway – Part III

I have 6 more Gmail invites today. This time you only need to write a limerick but posts must not be posted anonymously. Read last time’s entries for ideas. The limerick can be about anything — ones about me or stuff I like are a good starting point if you have writers block. I will give 5 invites away and save one for a cousin I went kayaking with today.

Now onto your limerick writing. Remember Gmail invites are waiting; contest ends Sunday at Midnight with prizes awarded next week.

If you already have a gmail account but are interested in the fine art of limerick writing then you might be interested to know about some dedicated limerick writers that are rewriting the Oxford English Dictionary in limerick form.

Update: The contest is now closed. The results will be posted shortly.

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Mr. Milner, I am extremely excited about Gmail and my MSN account is slowly but surly dying. Here is my series of limericks for you, and I hope you're feeling all right after you rafting adventure!

Sara Bernert
degugirl AT

One day while surfing the web,
I came to a website that said:
Gmail is here,
Hotmail beware!
And my eyes nearly fell out of my head.

However my hopes soon died down,
and I cast my head down in a frown.
I had no invite,
to get with the site,
and nowhere could help be found.

Then the next night, lucky for me,
Jeff Milner's great site I did see.
He was so kind
(and rather, quite fine)
To offer 5 Gmails for free!

About a week ago I was on a message board and saw a post about this new "Gmail". I had read earlier in a magazine about Google expanding it's "cyber territory" to include email one day, but did not know that it would be so soon. As soon as I heard about it, I was on the hunt to find someone with a Gmail invite that would be nice enough to give it away without wanting $50 and a picture of me nude, lol jk. Which is how I found your site, and now I am sure glad that I did. I would love to be able to help out Google and give them feedback on what they can improve to really make this 'The People's Email'. Not to mention I would like to be able to take away from some of the greedy people on Ebay, and give out invites to people who really deserve them but don't want to pay a fortune on Ebay. Anyway, enough of my ramblings, so here is my limerick that I had to struggle to get through :-P, which is why it's not very good, but hey, it's the thought that counts right? lol

Why limericks and not haikus?
This rhyming gives me the blues,
But for one invite,
I'll give it a fight!
But in this contest I am sure to lose! ;-D

Well, I hope you liked it, and props to Sara, her limericks were very well written, I liked them a lot. lol

Adam (

I once found a page on Jeff's site,
About music not played left-to-right.
  I wrote a reply,
  about how thoughts can fly.
As a bonus, I'll cruise Gmail tonight!

btw, not sure if Blogger offers a way to contact other users through the comments (as does LiveJournal), so I apologize for not having left my email address, which is david (at) note (dot) com. Your contest inspired (forced?) me to open an account on Blogger, and that was my very first post.

I want gmail badly
But i don't have it, sadly
Now i found a guy named Jeff
He has five invites left
And this limerick sucks, madly

There once was a man from Nantucket's
Who looked for gmail in a bucket
He was tired of hotmail
Using it was hell
Now he is gonna take hotmail and chuck it

Jeff went to the river
The water made him shiver
The rapids were strong
He did nothing wrong
So he still has a liver

I am obviously not a poet. but i am insanely fascinated with gmail. and i have been wanting an account for quite a while. thank you for your kindness in giving them away.

email: cody AT

name: cody beyer

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