Canada Voted 2004

I took part in the federal election yesterday. Paul Martin’s Liberals ran surprisingly strongly and will form a minority government in Canada, with the balance of power held by Jack Layton’s New Democrats.

I voted for local NDP candidate Melanee Thomas. It was fairly certain here in Lethbridge that the conservative party would win, but nevertheless I feel disappointed that it wasn’t even close.

The sad thing is, it probably doesn’t matter who gets in. I realize it’s not good to be this pessimistic about voting at such an early age but I think Gary put it best, with his government Cat & Mouse analogy. We’re all just mice voting for the cats whom are perceived as the least hungry.

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It wasn't my analogy, some early NDP bigwig made it up.

Mouseland as told by Tommy Douglas, 1944

I didn't vote NDP though, because although I'm not a cat (yet), I am really not a mouse.

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