Kayaking Down The Belly River – My Jeep is Dirty

The Milner cousins and I went kayaking down the Belly River again this weekend. The water has settled at a bearable temperature and the weather couldn’t have cooperated with us better today.

As we were floating down the river we saw a gaggle of 5 teenage girls gathered around the river bank, but all looking at something and all of them oblivious to our presence. Corry said, “Hi.” And they all jumped individually as they spun around and saw us drifting by. We chatted with them for a minute. The girls were visiting their grandparents for the holiday weekend. It turns out they were inspecting a cow’s skull they had found in the mud.

When I got back to my jeep I discovered bird droppings inside my car. How improbable is that? I’m guessing that when I left the door open to get my gear together that a bird let one fall at such an angle to precisely miss my seat and hit the arm rest. If they could only bomb that accurately in Iraq…

The video Aaron took of me last time is online. The water was higher today, but the video gives you a pretty good idea of what it was like today.

Jeff Kayaking Belly River June 2004 (3mb QT Mov)

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Your picture is awesome.

We are wanting to kayak the Belly River from Ft Macleod to Moon River Estates. Have you done that stretch? How rough are the rapids? My husband & I are inexperienced on rivers so want to do something quite tame, & we are also 53 & 61 years old so are not looking for wild adventure out there.

What advice do you have?

Ken & Lorraine

I haven’t done that stretch, so I can’t offer any direct advice, however, you might try posting a comment on the ORCKA blog, I’m sure someone there would know.

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