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Tab Cola Commercial

Here’s another one of those Tab Cola commercials from the 70’s early 80’s (previously). Same premise:

  1. hot bikini girl walks on the beach
  2. a man wants to drink Tab Cola
  3. girlfriend pours ice water on the man
  4. the man laughs because he realizes his girlfriend thought he was attracted to the bikini girl and wasn’t just craving a nice cool drink of Tab Cola
  5. Then everything is ok


Hit play or watch Tab Cola at YouTube.

5 replies on “Tab Cola Commercial”

I heard that the girl walking and the girl doing the pouring of the cooler water is the same girl. Can anyone confirm? There seems to be some facial resemblance.

Lisa Parker… drop dead gorgeous in person. She was with the Ford modeling agency. I was in NYC doing a photo shoot….. went to lunch.. left cameras at the job site… chowing down on a hotdog and cokacola……..who walks by? Yup Lisa…..since then never go anywhere without at least a point &shoot. 20/20 hindsight… lol

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