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I went to Waterton this weekend with my parents, my Aunt Mary and Uncle Roger, and Anna-Maria. Here she is doing a little jump near the Prince of Whales hotel with her dog Sophie in animated .gif format:

Anna-Maria Lemaistre jumping

Art friends

New Media Special Effect

Today after work I created this little clip (3.5 mb Quicktime) of Anna-Maria chasing me through the backyard.


The Roommate Situation

I’ve been short on roommates lately. I have two empty rooms to rent and I haven’t had any roommates in the last couple months — which makes paying the mortgage pretty hard. So a couple of weeks ago I put an ad in the paper. The very first day the ad ran I had two people call me. The first person, I’ll call him Joe, said he would like to take the room but just needed a couple of days to get the money together. The second person, I’ll call him Victor, told me he loved the place and wanted to take it. Victor couldn’t move in until July 1st, but told me that he would write me a cheque for June anyway to hold the place for him. Things were looking up.

A day or two later I got a call from Joe. He said he couldn’t get out of his current lease as quickly as he had thought and so he wanted to let me know he wouldn’t be taking the room. Joe seemed like a cool guy so I was disappointed but life goes on.

Later I stopped off at the bank to cash Victor’s cheque. They gave me cash and everything seemed cool; so things were still looking up. That day, just after returning from the bank, I found a message from Victor on my answering machine. It said, “About that cheque I gave you — someone gave me a bad cheque and so it might not clear, so if you haven’t cashed it yet I’ll bring you some cash and get it back from you.”

Well I had cashed it already and the bank didn’t seem to have a problem with it, I explained to Victor. He figured he must have had enough cash in the bank even with the bad cheque he’d gotten and advised me not to worry about it. Things were a little odd, but still looking good. I was still getting calls for my other room — they seemed like sketchy characters and I didn’t take them but at least people were looking.

Suddenly the phone rang, Anna-Maria picked it up. Victor couldn’t take the room anymore, he said he was on his way over to get back his $350 and he would explain more fully when he arrived.

I told Anna-Maria that I don’t really have to give him his money back, after all he paid me to hold the room and that’s exactly what I was doing. But I also said that I wouldn’t be a jerk and give him it back since it had only been a couple of days.

His explanation boiled down to the fact that the contract he had signed for his previous place said he had to live there for 6 months before he could break the contract and move out. Also he had to give 30 days notice before leaving. He thought he could give his 30-day notice before the end of the six months but his landlord said no. Even though I thought it sounded like his landlord was just screwing him over he just said he didn’t want the hassle and was sorry for the inconvenience he caused me. He would take back his money but leave me $50 for my trouble. So at least I would have some cash for another ad if needed.

Days past. I was pursuing my bank account status over the Internet and was shocked to discover that I had been debited $350 for a cheque that never cleared! Oh hell — I think I have been scammed.

I called up Victor and explained the situation. Luckily he seems pretty apologetic and sounds like he wants to make everything right. He says we’ll go down to the bank together, get the cheque back, and then he’ll pay me back and any charges the bank may have given me. He specifically mentioned that he needs his cheque back before he will pay me for it. I called the bank this morning to find out if they do, in fact, still have the cheque and if I can get it back. It turns out that when a NSF cheque bounces, they mail it to you — which means I have to wait until I get it in the mail before he will pay me back.

Needless to say this is all a very big headache.

On the other hand I have two new roommates — one of whom moved in on Saturday and another one is moving in on the 25th. We’ll see how this bounced cheque situation works out, but for now things are looking good again.


Here Cattle – Cattle – Cattle

Anna-Maria went to Fort Macleod on Saturday for an open call audition for a Heath Ledger movie. They are looking for locals to be extras in this Western Film they are making (Broke Back Mountain). She went with some French friends of her’s from the French Association.

In her own words, “We got there at 10:15 and there were hundreds of people lined up. Everybody wanted to be in the movie and I can understand why too. What we did, is we waited in line for about 2 hours and 15 minutes, and then we finally got into the gym where they gave us a form to fill out and then they told us to stand in another line so that we could get measured and have our photos taken. So all in all it was mostly waiting and I don’t know when they will let us know or even if they will, but it was a good experience. Everybody was so excited to have a movie shot in their own town that every weirdo, beauty queen, grandma, and two-year old kid showed up. It was very fun / cool / sweet. It was kind of crazy actually so many people showed up with their babies / kids. Kids were just running all over the place. Some of them were crying and many looked extremely bored. They justed waited in line for three hours to get their photo taken. I would never do that to my kids.”


Christmas Eve

It’s almost Christmas. I’ve been having a great time down in Utah with Anna and her family. Apparently due to the fact that Holmans are so excited to open presents, we are going to do that tonight instead of waiting for Christmas morning. It will probably make for more photogenic subjects so I won’t complain. On the one hand I wish I was at home with the family, but on the other hand I’m EXTREMELY happy I won’t have to go through that stupid Christmas program at my Aunt and Uncle’s. Every year they make us all sit around reading the Nativity Story and singing Christmas songs. I’m seriously glad to get away from it.

life travel

I’m in Disneyland

So here is the quick recap of what I’ve been up to in the last week or two. I left Lethbridge on Monday morning at around 6:00am. I was happy about how the American border seemed to be in quite a good mood. He even smiled when I said I was going to Disneyland and wished me a nice trip. I arrived in Sandy, Utah at about 5:00 pm so I made good time. Traveling with the dog was no trouble at all and we were both happy when we finally saw Anna! I stayed with the Holman’s for a week and then Anna and I took off for sunny California. Sunday was our first day in Disneyland — but it turned out to be more rainy than sunny. Monday and Tuesday were both nice weather wise, but I have been getting sick with a mild cold. That of course hasn’t stopped me from going to Disneyland. Today we are going to take in the parks as usual but at 2:45 this afternoon we are going to watch The Lord of the Rings — The Return of the King. I must say we are both pretty excited. Tomorrow will be our last day in the magic kingdom… at least for awhile.


Anna-Maria’s Triumphant Return!

Anna’s last play goes down at 1:45pm today and then she’s on the bus back to good ol’ Alberta. Because the greyhound doesn’t leave Medicine Hat for Lethbridge until early tomorrow morning, I’m heading back to the Hat to pick her up. I’m more than just a little excited.

Disney friends travel

The Happiest Place on Earth

I am going to Disneyland. It’s official, Anna has purchased our passes, there is no turning back now. However I have some good news. It appears that I may be finishing school earlier than expected. I don’t believe I have any final exams outside of class time — which means I may be done as soon as December 6th. I am not sure how this will affect my desire to stay and swim for the last couple of weeks that Andy has practices sceduled. Actually I’m very certain this will negatively affect my desire to stay. Hmmm, and how am I going to explain my absence? I’ll keep you posted.


Marilyn Monroe – A True Story

Anna put her hands in the cement mold of Marilyn Monroe’s outside Mann’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. I kid you not when I tell you that Anna said, “Oh they’re really hot”. Even after all these years, who wouldn’t expect them to be?


On the Road Again…

I got up early this morning and headed for Medicine Hat. Mom really wanted me to fix up her computer which, as you can probably guess since I’m posting this from Medicine Hat, is working fine.

I did talk her into buying a new 10/100mbps network card that is noticeably faster than the 10 mbps card they were using previously. I recommend upgrading if you are still using a slow one. The new cards cost about $20 but I they are totally worth it.

So in case you are curious all I really had to do was uninstall the newest version Kazaa, some virus software called bullguard (which by the way was the main problem) and I think something called mynet or mysearch, I’m not exactly sure what it was but I guess you collected points by using it or something and I was like, “No, this is not right”.

So now that’s they are gone the computer is running as smoothly as ever. Perhaps I’ll give Anna-Maria a call or maybe I’ll just chill here for a while watching TV. Either way, I’m planning on staying over night in the Hat and driving back to Lethbridge tomorrow before 3. The survey place has me scheduled to work all night Sunday, and frankly I’m beginning to think about quitting that job. I guess I should just think about how I’m in a tight spot for money what with my impulse trip to Disneyland and all. (So worth it by the way — still no regrets whatsoever!) Speaking of Disneyland, still no word on whether Anna has decided to take the job or not. She is moving however, she’s already packed up her house and the landlord has been showing it to potential tenants.