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Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat

Life is a stage. Sometimes we fail on stage—luckily keyboard cat is there to play us off.



Internet Memes

A chronological list of Internet Memes from 1995 to the present (with videos and explanations).


Weezer’s Pork and Beans Music Video

Mmmmmmm, Weezer’s new memelicious music video Pork and Beans is the best meme inspired creation ever.

Shot May 7-10 in North Hollywood, CA, this video features a cast of, well, many! And what a cast! An amazing group of well known “Youtube celebs” was tracked down and flown in so they could do their thing(s) with the Weezer men. Its pretty much impossible to properly describe what went down, so just have a look!

I particularly liked it when Rivers Cuomo embraces the “Leave Britney Alone” guy. If anyone was ever overdo for a hug, it’s Chris Crocker.

Update: Wired’s interview with the director.

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Four Things Meme Reaches A-List Bloggers

The other day, my friend Kim Siever hit me with the four things meme. Apparently it started on LiveJournal and has spread across the blogosphere. Some of the bigger sites that I follow on my RSS reader have been participating too.

There is something particularly intriguing about the simplicity of the meme and yet it seems to derive answers that you might never expect. For instance, who would have ever thought that I had experience burying mines? (They weren’t live and they were for de-mining research purposes).

There are many more examples of the meme via google search four things meme.