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My Salt Lake Tribune Interview

Yay! Today The Salt Lake Tribune published the article about backmasking that I was interviewed for.

Enter “backmasking” into the Google search engine and nearly 9,000 sites pop up. One of them is “Stairway to Heaven: Backwards” ( ), a site established by Jeff Milner, a 25-year-old student, part-time lifeguard and bed salesman.

“As a kid, a cousin of mine told me he took his ‘Stairway to Heaven’ record and played it backwards hearing some kind of satanic message,” Milner says. “I never had a chance to hear it myself. . . . Then when the technology came along to do it on the computer, I jumped at the chance.”

He copied the song from the 1971 Led Zeppelin album onto his hard drive, then used the Windows Sound Recorder application to reverse it. He found what sounded like lines about the devil.

Update: I’ve posted the complete contents of the Salt Lake Tribune backmasking article in the comments.

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New Backmasking Address

I just finished copying my backmasking page to the new domain. You can now use for all your flash watching HTML 5, backmasking listening, enjoyment.

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Stairway to Heaven Subliminal Messages

Some time ago I received an email from a professor at York University. He asked if he could use part of my Stairway to Heaven backwards site / idea for a class. Here is the conclusion of his experiment.


I have now given my lecture on perception, and the Stairway to Heaven was a real hit. Before I played it backwards, (and after they had listened forwards a few times), I distributed sheets of paper with the “words”. Half the class got the Satan stuff, and the other half got my own words, which have nothing to do with Satan or religion. I realized at the outset that my words did not fit quite as well as the Satan ones, but some lines fit very well. The demo went perfectly – those who had the Satan words could “hear” the backwards lines very well, and those who got my words, could hear at least some of my lines well. Interestingly, those who “heard” my words had a very difficult time hearing the Satanic words later on when I played it again.

Thanks again so much for your [help]. It has really helped me make a very important point about the nature of perception and how we actually construct our percepts.



Song Meanings is a site dedicated to trying to parse what artists were trying to say through their lyrics. It contains the lyrics to close to 200,000 songs credited to about 15,000 artists and allows visitors to weigh in with their opinions about what it all means. I found the Stairway to Heaven interpretations of note. (If you can stand surfing through the idiotic posts of 300 stupid morons for a few gems). I still like my intrepretation best.


More Backmasking Songs

Because of my , I’ve been getting a lot of emails with requests for other songs that have backwards messages as well people sending me lists of songs that apparently have just that. Here are some excerpts (for those of you that care).

  • Cradle of Flith – “Dinner at Deviant’s Palace” When played backwards, you hear the lord’s prayer
  • Missy Elliot’s song – ‘Work It’
  • The song Karate by Tenacious D. At the end reverse the last word he says and it says, “donkey crap” quite clearly.
  • Led Zeppelin – Stairway to heaven
    In the end of the song there is an inverted message which goes something like this:
    “Because I serve Satan, God denies my and there is no escape” (I’m not sure about the exact words, because this was never played on that cassette; they only told that it existed).
  • Styx – Snowblind
    A inverted part:
    “Satan is moving our voices”
  • The Beatles – Number nine
    “Let me out, let me out, let me out” and then continues: “Turn me on dead men” or “let me under men”, in the cassette that was described as a suicide message or something like that =).
  • And something else funny: if you found a .mp3 where the crowd is calling kiss back like “kiss kiss kiss, kiss kiss kiss”, it sounds backwards 666, 666 etc.
  • ELO – Eldorado
    There is a part which goes inverted like this: ‘He is nasty one, Christ your infernal’.
  • ELO – Fire and High
    There is some babble which is inverted: ‘The music is reversible, but time is not, turn back, turn back, turn back’.

And along those lines another email message goes into that last one more specifically:

“Hey man, I really dig the site dedicated to backwards messages in songs. I was spinning Face the Music by ELO, and i found another hidden message. In the first track, Fire on High, during the halleluia chorus part in the intro, there is jumbled speaking, meant to sound freaky. If you spin the album backwards, it says ‘Turn back now. Turn back now. The music is reversible.'”

And to finish off someone commented about one of the song clips I have on my site.

“I think that your clip of John Lennon’s Imagine, when reversed, actually
says, ‘Oh Beezelbub. Must have me.'”


Another Backmasking Update

I’ve added the following songs to my backmasking page:

Imagine – John Lennon
Kiss, Kiss, Kiss – Yoko Ono
My Name Is… – Eminem
Pokemon Rap

As well I’ve made some minor changes to some of the older clips. Feel free to comment on my backmasking page here.


Stairway to Heaven Backwards Full Lyrics

Because I’ve noticed some people searching for the “full lyrics to Stairway to Heaven reversed” and probably find my lacking in that regard, I will post an email that I received this morning, partly here and partly in the comments. (It’s too long to include the whole thing on the main page.)

Well, you have certainly caused a stir here. It seems that everybody is flocking to your site. Nice work. I must tell you, though, you have it wrong. Here are the lyrics to the part that you have on your site:

So here’s to my Sweet Satan.
The other’s little path
Would make me sad,
Whose power is faith.
He’ll give those with him 666.
And all the evil fools,
they know he made
us suffer sadly.

I have discovered that the ENTIRE Stairway To Heaven is a full and COMPLETE backwards message. EVERY word from start to finish is undeniable and distinguishable.



I’ve decided to add a little something to my backmasking page. So for now I’m working on adding Britney Spears — Hit Me Baby One More Time, Queen — Another One Bites the Dust, and The Beatles — I’m So Tired. I might be tempted to add more after these ones are completed and online. This post would be a good place to comment on other songs you’d like to hear backward samples from (of songs that are known for backmasking).

Update May 23rd, 2004: The new backmasking additions are up.

Update: June 9th, 2004: I just added Pink Floyd’s “Empty Spaces” to the backmasking page.


Dave Barry’s Blog

Dave Barry posted a link to my Stairway to Heaven Backwards page. Cool. He also figures I have a lot of spare time on my hands. I guess that’s true.


Stairway to Heaven Information

A couple of days ago I received the following email. Those interested in my backmasking page might find this interesting.

Your site really got me interested in looking up information about this and I took a lot of what I already knew and compared it to the things I learned to get a pretty good idea about these backward messages.

Here’s someone else’s lyrics for the whole song…
Interesting how if you read the part where it says
“And all the evil, it was there, they made our souls must have Satan” and you listen to it, I still sounds like this is correct, but if you read your version it does too, I heard ‘sad satan’ before I read your lyrics

I listened to your part of the clip before reading the lyrics and I could hear some key things in it (666,sad satan,oh satan )but the other parts were very tough to interpret. Once someone reads the lyrics and sees them as one thing, it is hard for your mind to view as anything else until you see it a different way.

Link from — if you go here it explains that it really doesn’t have to be satanic, and probably isn’t. The forward version says “yes there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run there’s still time to change the road you’re on.” It basically says that this guy believes that he’s saying the path to satin will make you said, he also proposes the idea that satan may be a metaphor for all sadness and suffering.

If you go to it will give you many examples of things people said that say something else backwards. The guy on this site studies it.
I read partially from this site but mostly from some other site that the subconscious mind can interpret things backwards, and understands it as fact. However conscious decision making skills can override your subconscious mind. I learned before this that your instinct is based on facts you have gather. According to some, the more times you have heard those messages played backward, the more you get in your head to do these thing till it becomes a point where your instinct tells you to do something.

You should also check out Queen’s “another one bites the dust” backwards if you haven’t heard about it already. I won’t tell you what it says backwards, because I think your view may change on what it says but it was pretty clear to me, even before I heard what the lyrics were. However I read from some biased article (with no actual proof) that 80% of people who hear “another one bites the dust” backwards didn’t know what it was until given the lyrics where 100% said they thought that was correct.

Another freaky thing is the pokemon rap where it says “gotta catch em all” backwards says “oh satan, oh satan” sounds freaky, it can be found here, with many other clips of songs that appear to say something backward.