Super Health Board, Not So Super

About nine months ago the Government of Alberta decided to fire the boards of the nine regional health authorities in the province and create a new “Super Health Board” they claimed would better serve the public. Critics of the move predicted that it was a giant leap toward privatization of our health services. It hasn’t […]

Understanding the Proposed Coalition Government

“Two months ago Canadians voted in a general election. They made a clear choice.” — “And they [the voters] certainly did not give either the Liberals or the NDP a mandate to govern with the Separatists, the very people who want to destroy Canada.” – Jim Prentice, Conservative Party MP, Calgary Centre-North, emphasis mine (full […]

Canada’s (New) New Government

The Liberals and New Democrats signed an agreement Monday to form a coalition government, ousting Prime Minister Stephen Harper from power. If they are successful in forming their coalition, they have a pledge of support from the Bloc Québécois for the next 18 months. A friend of mine wrote his entire contact list with this […]

Joe McCain’s 911 Call

While it shouldn’t affect anyone’s vote anyway, it must be extremely embarrassing for John McCain’s already faltering campaign. On October 18th, at about 1:30am, John McCain’s brother was stuck in traffic. Instead of chilling out and just waiting to get through, he called 911. When told that 911 was only for emergencies, he dropped an […]

The Canadian Election 2008

I went to the Environment & Education Forum at the Lethbridge College yesterday evening for the “last chance to grill [my] federal election candidates”. I was unimpressed with the fact that only three parties showed up to debate (how does the green party expect to be taken seriously, when their candidate doesn’t show up). The […]