Photo of Jesus

Photo of Jesus clip

Laurie Hill’s short video/animation, “Photo of Jesus” brings a creative spin to the story of the kind of requests that the Getty Images archives deal with on a regular basis.

“Photo of Jesus”- Firstly it is an exquisite piece of animation (it’s hard to see how this film could be improved). Secondly, the engaging story line utterly nails the depth and breadth of the Getty Images archive and, with my ad man hat on for a moment, it’s hard to see how Getty Images could make a better, more representative film than this.

Watch Photo of Jesus online at the Annex Blog.

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‘Big Brother State’ Motion Graphics

'Big Brother State' Motion Graphics

Big Brother State is a nice motion graphics video that uses the examples of closed circuit TV and trusted computing to warn about the dangers of a surveillance society.

It is released under a Creative Commons sampling licence by David Scharf and you can download the short film in several formats.

If your finding the download a bit slow, the YouTube mirror is nice and fast.