3D Printing by Mail Order

Creating a design in 3D space and then having it printed in the material of your choice is something I’ve been hearing about for years; even the design class at my high school had a 3D lathe, but reading this Wired Article on 3D Printing, it seems they’ve taken things to a new level.

Oh and while I’m on the topic of Wired Articles, you should probably check out the expose on the clone capable claiming religious group the Raelians.

“Two amateur documentary makers say they’ve infiltrated the UFO cloning sect known as the Raelians and come away with candid videos they hope will further tarnish the group’s reputation and even help shut it down.”

I found it kind of funny (funny strange, not funny – haha) because the guy making the video said he became suspicious of the group after learning they ask their members for a whopping 1% of their annual income; nope his suspicions didn’t come from the sex parties or their claim of aliens cloning humans – but when he found out they want money?! Well it must be a cult based on the 1% donation request.

I Am 8 Bit

Even though it’s kind of old news, I stumbled upon a selection of photos from the i am 8-bit video game art show opening. Too bad all the cool stuff happens in California.

Implicit Attitude Demo

While reading Malcolm Gladwell’s bestselling book, Blink, I learned that sometimes we have subconscious biases that are not exactly politically correct. A research team at Harvard University has come up with what they call the Implicit Association Test, or IAT for short. The IAT measures implicit attitudes and beliefs that people are either unwilling or unable to report.

Take the test and it may surprise you what your subconscious mind thinks about:

  • Age (‘Young – Old’ IAT)
  • Gender – Science
  • Race (‘Black – White’ IAT)
  • Presidents (‘Presidential Popularity’ IAT)
  • Sexuality (‘Homosexual – Straight’ IAT)
  • Gender – Career
  • Arab-Muslim (‘Arab Muslim – Other People’ IAT)
  • Weight (‘Fat – Thin’ IAT)
  • Religion (‘Judaism – Other Religions’ IAT)
  • Disability (‘Disabled – Abled’ IAT)
  • Native American (‘Native – White American’ IAT)
  • Asian American (‘Asian – European American’ IAT)
  • Weapons (‘Weapons – Harmless Objects’ IAT)
  • Skin-tone (‘Light Skin – Dark Skin’ IAT)

I took the tests both on Age and Gender and it was calculated that I do not appear to have either an age bias or a gender bias. Sometimes a person’s results can indicate a bias and in retaking the test it may still be hard to correct that bias even though you know you have it and are trying to avoid it from showing.

The Fringe

I’m back from my trip to Drayton Valley and Edmonton. I saw Jackie and Glen’s new house and played with my nephew Ryker. He’s so amazingly cute!

In Edmonton we went to the Fringe Festival to check out the street performers and had a great time. We wanted to see one of the plays but couldn’t get through dinner and get down there fast enough after we decided which play to see. The thing about the plays at The Fringe is, they are selected based on a lottery system, so just because a play is selected to be performed, doesn’t mean it will be good. But that’s part of the fun – finding a good play. Based on the reviews we thought we had a winner.

The only other Fringe Festival I’ve been to was in Adelaide, Australia, and I think the one in Edmonton is a little bit bigger and therefore a little bit better. We had a good time anyway.

Empty Spaces Backwards

This morning I received the following email about my backmasking page:

Hey Jeff,

Just wanted to let you know that your backmasking site rocks. Just one thing you’ve probably heard before, but when you play Empty Spaces backwards there’s a bit more to the lyrics than what you have on your site. The full lyrics are:

“Congratulations, you’ve just discovered the secret message. Please send your answer to Old Pink, care of the Funny Farm, Chalfont – ”

“Roger, Carolyn’s on the phone.”

The first guy speaking is bassist Roger Waters. I have no idea who the second guy is, but the ‘Carolyn’ he refers to is probably Roger’s wife of the time, Carolyn Christie. Roger claimed that Carolyn often saved him from going crazy by forcing him to communicate with her, even when he didn’t want to, so that’s probably what the backwards message is referring to. But I’m rambling. Take care and keep the site going, I really love it.


Thanks Carmen. I have received a lot of email about the missing line “Roger, Carolyn’s on the phone” but this is the first time that anyone has offered any kind of explanation as to what it means.