Web Site Update

I was about to setup some stuff with my web server this morning when I accidently typed instead of What I discovered is that some guy, timmbbo(at), has a site dedicated to sharing with the world how bad one2host’s services are. I wish I would have known about his site before I signed up with one2host. Anyway in the remote chance that anyone is thinking about setting up their own domain and reading this site, then a good review site is 100 Best Hosting Companies (one2host didn’t make the list.)

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Blog Rating Update and Weird Weather

Somehow the people at missed my site as one of the top 100 blogs. I’m certain they’ll be picking me up one of these days now.

Whether it be a conference on whether the astronomers of the world should alert us in case of an extinction level catastrophe or a freak snowstorm in Israel, something makes me wonder — is it the end of the world or are we just bored?