…And We’re Back

After almost two weeks of downtime the website is back up. Apparently my host was hit with some kind of major hacking attack and lost a lot of webpages. Luckily, they were eventually able to restore everything (except for lost advertising revenue).



As sad as this is to admit, it appears there is a folder or 5 on my site that have been sending out some kind of pharmaceutical spam. I guess this is just a lesson that when working with plugins that I’m not too sure about, I need to be extra careful.

The files in question have also written special permissions to themselves making it difficult to just erase them. I’ve contacted my hosting provider and hopefully I will have things sorted out soon.

Some of the names of the noxious files in question include:

  • bucaon.php
  • bucion.php
  • caon.php
  • chca.php
  • chcion.php
  • chva.php
  • chva2.php
  • hoon.php
  • leon.php
  • orfi.php
  • puph.php
  • adon.php
  • bual.php
  • bualon.php
  • buph.php
  • orphon.php
  • orsoon.php
  • orxa.php
  • soon.php
  • ulon.php
  • weon.php
  • buamon.php
  • bufi.php
  • buhy.php
  • chfi.php
  • chhy.php
  • chso.php
  • orci.php
  • orhy.php
  • puxa.php
  • tron.php
  • buhyon.php
  • buleon.php
  • butr.php
  • chal.php
  • chle.php
  • orcaon.php
  • orcion.php
  • orva.php
  • orvi.php
  • pron.php

The interesting thing I found when searching for information about my situation, there appears to be a lot of other sites that also have these malicious php files on their servers and I assume they have no idea about it either—including, and this surprised me the most, many Universities’ sites.

If anyone has any more light they can shed on this, please let me know.

Update: At my request, my hosting provider has blown away the affected directories.


This is

When I worked in Malaysia for six weeks last year, one of the projects I worked on was creating station ID storyboards for Channel V International. The purpose of these identification “advertisements” is mostly to strengthen their brand by reminding people who is providing the content they are watching.

Many television stations now add watermarks, usually their logo, on the feed at all times so that there is always that reminder of where the channel comes from. It also serves as a protection against others from stealing their content and profiting from their work.

I discovered today that there are websites that harvest posts from my site via XML feeds and place them beside their own advertisements. These sites are called sploggers (spam bloggers). I have no real way of watermarking my posts, so instead I’m just writing this post to say, if you are reading this post from anywhere other than your feed reader or directly from the website, then you are helping these sites profit by stealing the work of myself and others like me.

But for everyone else, thanks for reading.

backmasking meta

New Backmasking Address

I just finished copying my backmasking page to the new domain. You can now use for all your flash watching HTML 5, backmasking listening, enjoyment.


Blogger Comments

I’m switching my comment provider to blogger, so for the next while please excuse any weirdness with the blog / comments.

Update: The new comments are up and running – though it’s still pretty sketchy. For now I’m keeping the old comments enabled in the archives. We’ll see how long I keep them.


My First Post

My first post on the new blog. I intend this to be a place where I can post and not have to worry about censorship. As such it will probably contain content that I wouldn’t have posted on the old blog so use at your own risk.

Update: I’m bringing some of my older posts from the last blog here. It’s a lot bigger job than I had imagined; hence the reason it is taking so long to do it.


How to Post a link Online

I was thinking that in the remote case that my Dad ever decides he would like to post a link to a website that he has found, he probably doesn’t have the slightest idea how. So here are some simple instructions. It is probably easiest to copy the link into the clipboard. This is done by highlighting the address in the address bar, right clicking and clicking copy. Then type out the following example but paste in your address instead of the (right click then click paste).

This is a link to <a href=”“>type link word(s) here</a>.

Any of the red letters can be changed but in order for the link to work, all the black text must be typed exactly and the link must be exact as well. The previous paragraph, with no colors added comes out looking like:

This is a link to type link word(s) here.

I hope this helps.


Web Site Update

I was about to setup some stuff with my web server this morning when I accidently typed instead of What I discovered is that some guy, timmbbo(at), has a site dedicated to sharing with the world how bad one2host’s services are. I wish I would have known about his site before I signed up with one2host. Anyway in the remote chance that anyone is thinking about setting up their own domain and reading this site, then a good review site is 100 Best Hosting Companies (one2host didn’t make the list.)

environment meta

Blog Rating Update and Weird Weather

Somehow the people at missed my site as one of the top 100 blogs. I’m certain they’ll be picking me up one of these days now.

Whether it be a conference on whether the astronomers of the world should alert us in case of an extinction level catastrophe or a freak snowstorm in Israel, something makes me wonder — is it the end of the world or are we just bored?