The Big Picture Debate on Dawkins’ “Root of all Evil”

I’ve talked about Richard Dawkins’ documentary The Root of all Evil before, but something I came across the other day which I found very interesting is The Big Picture: Debate on Dawkins’ Root of all Evil. (Coincidentally my friend Shannon Phillips is one of the producers on Avi’s other show, On The Map.)

3 Way Tie on Jeopardy

I’ve been interested in learning more about Game Theory (wikipedia) lately and in particular The Prisoner’s Dilemma. One very interesting example happened on the Jeopardy show last Friday (March 16th 2007)—for the first time in 23 years, Jeopardy had a three way tie. The tie was an anomaly in large part because one player didn’t play the […]


A couple of months ago I wrote about a cancelled TV show from the 90’s called Heat Vision and Jack. For those of you that missed it before, follow the link for the torrent. Another clever show that never made it that I’d like to tell you about is Lookwell. It’s written and produced by the brilliant Conan […]